Adam Neate is one of the world's most exciting contemporary artists. Adam spent much of his early period doing sketches on cardboard in marker pen and leaving them on the street for people to find.

Neate's work evolved as he moved into the gallery space, creating large, often poignant images on pieces of found cardboard.

On 18th November 2008, he returned to his free art concept as his team of workers curated The London Show by leaving 1,000 unique screen-prints on cardboard across all 33 boroughs of London from dusk until dawn for people to find.

In the years that have followed, the structure and composition of Neate's work has continued to develop as he starts to focus on showing movement in his work by using a broad range of materials including perspex and found objects to create his Dimensional Paintings - a series of complex, evocative 3D and 4D works.

Neate's work is triumphant, heart-warming and compelling and can often prove to be the talking point of any art collection.