Given many of our clients are purchasing artwork today as an investment as well as something to enjoy on the wall, it is vital to use framers who only work with conservation-grade materials. Poorly-framed works can have a detrimental effect on the work itself over-time, and issues such as mount-staining, tape marks and degradation of the image due to sunlight can in turn affect long-term value.

Appreciate Art works with a number of framers in London and around the UK who are all proven to deliver outstanding, conservation-quality framing that we would be happy to recommend. Alternatively, we can manage the framing process of your artwork for you before getting the work shipped to you when complete. All you need to do is give us a budget and send us a couple of examples of the type of framing you would like and let us do the rest. 

Please contact us when you buy one of our works to discuss your framing requirements.