Stik is a British street artist who is best known for painting his large figures on brightly coloured backgrounds. Stik started painting his unofficial, socially conscious murals in his hometown of Hackney, East London in 2001. His simple stick figures wordlessly tell the story of his community and are packed with symbolism and emotion. Gender, class and age are undefined and  are devoid of any facial features, but interact with each other and their physical location to evoke a powerful emotional response.

Stik moved into the contemporary art scene with his first gallery show at Imitate Modern in London in 2011 and since then, the value of his work has increased dramatically, frequently being sold for six figures at Christies over the last couple of years.

On a number of occasions, Stik has chosen to donate works and the sale of work to charitable causesith his last official print release Sleeping Baby in 2015 he chose to donate all proceeds to Homerton Hospital.  He also frequently gives posters away, most recently in The Big Issue and Hackney Today.