Paul Insect is a UK contemporary artist, who is most famous for his 2007 solo show Bullion exhibition at Lazarides Gallery which was purchased in it's entirety by Damien Hirst several days before it opened. 

Insect, who also goes by the name of PINS, worked alongside artist Banksy on a number of occasions including the Cans Festival, the Santa's Ghetto project in Bethlehem, and on the separation wall in Palestine. He was also part of a collective named 'insect' (along with his brother Luke) which started in 1996, and disbanded in 2005. Insect held an exhibition at a disused sex shop in London Kings Cross in 2008 in partnership with Lazarides Gallery. This contained 12 bronze skulls with colour enamelled bunny ears.

Insect also created the artwork for San Francisico-based hip hop producer DJ Shadow's 2006 album The Outsider.