Chris Levine

Lightness of Being (Freedom Edition)

Lightness of Being (Freedom Edition) was released in 2021 and features Chris Levine's most popular image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which was originally taken at Buckingham Palace  in 2004.

The image was created using a high-resolution digital camera, which shot 200 images every 20 seconds as it rotated 360 degrees around The Queen.

The piece came about by chance. After each rotation, Levine’s camera would need to be reset, and he suggested the Queen relax while he did so. It was only later Levine realised he had captured this peaceful moment depicting the Queen emanating white light.

This giclée print on aluminium is from a limited edition of 1,000 complete with a digital signature.

Year first published: 2021

Medium: Print

Technique: Giclée print on aluminium

Classification: From the edition of 1,000

Dimensions: 90cm(h) x 70cm(w) - unframed

Markings: Digitally signed dnd numbered on a label on verso

Condition: Excellent, in original box

Framing: Unframed